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Just days after Exposé reporters bumped into a woman sneaking out of Beau McCrae's trailer COMPLETE with naked pictures of the hot country star, we see him out and about Austin with a DIFFERENT woman, and they sure did look cozy! The couple was seen as they were walking hand in hand stealing kisses in downtown Georgetown, Texas, Beau’s hometown. Pretty interesting since Beau has not been shy in the past about his dislike of PDA’s and has only ever been seen out in public with his then girlfriend.

McCrae’s dominated the headlines for the last couple months after getting into more trouble than he can shake a stick at. His high school sweetheart and long time on again off again girlfriend was killed in a tragic car crash back in January and that has sent him spiraling. The bad boy of country music is making good on his reputation and Exposé has been there to see it firsthand.

From showing up to award shows drunk to getting into bar room brawls and getting unceremoniously dumped by his label, Beau McCrae has been on an epic bender. And suddenly a mystery woman shows up to tame the beast? So the question is, is he two steppin' with both or walking the line with one special woman? We just might have to pitch a tent outside of his tour bus and see what he throws out next.

Exposé can't wait to find out! More to come on this hot story!

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